Little Princess.

A fabulous treat for your little princess to make their fingers and toes sparkle? Why not!

We use chemical free nail polish for your little princess so they are completely safe for children as well as expecting moms. These chemical free nail polish is completely Vegan Soy-Based formulated, and does not consist of any harsh or toxic ingredients.

Your little princess can enjoy a bubbly hand soak to soften their skin and cuticles, allowing our manicurist to get a neat finish!

Their nails will be beautifully filed, shaped, and treated with a personalised base coat. Not to forget, they get to pick their choice of exciting colours and nail stickers with a touch of shimmer and sparkle - like a little diva!

Tootsies are soaked in a warm foot spa with their choice of bath bomb to soften their skin and relax their cute little toes! They then get to enjoy a foot massage with our deep hydrating lotion to keep those feet in tip top condition. Just like their fingernails, their toenails will be beautifully filed and shaped too before applying their choice of nail colour and stickers!

A luxurious treat for your little princess who just wants to be like mummy!